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Service Philosophy  

Our focus is on developing healthy and active families by providing our clients with the knowledge to maintain their own aesthetically pleasing, edible ecosystems. Families have the ability to grow their own organic-pesticide free, nutritious, and tasty food right in their own back yard, right at their fingertips!


Kalikal‎é was born from the idea that “communities” of edible gardens positively impact our local economy and the quality of life of people around them.  We hold a “skin in the game” mentality in the fight against climate change and chronic diseases.  We've worked diligently to develop school gardens, teaching youth simple techniques to grow food.  We have discovered that people are more likely to develop healthy eating habits if they participate in growing the food themselves.  We believe that school gardens are necessary to win the fight against childhood obesity and chronic diseases.  We also believe that local food systems are necessary in the fight against climate change.


  • Build edible gardens for clients around Chicagoland

  • Encourage families to be outside and active while learning about gardening, farming and their ecosystem

  • Motivate families, particularly the youth, to develop healthy eating habits by cultivating their own vegetables

  • Provide families with the tools and know-how to have thriving edible landscapes.

  • Assist NGO’s, schools, and government in the development of sustainable ecologically based food-scapes in the Chicago area

  • Promote and support efforts to address climate change and diet related diseases

Our Founder

Daniel founded Kalikalé in 2016 to share his passion and knowledge for permaculture.  His journey began through a string apprenticeships on organic farms in Illinois, Hawaii, and in Micronesia.  He lived and worked overseas as a volunteer and teacher and became involved in the school garden movement. 


In 2014, he was recognized by the US, Japanese, and Taiwanese government for his school garden work in the Marshall Islands.  He was awarded “Ambassador School Garden Awards” two years in a row.  In 2015, he was awarded a $20,000 “Garden to Kitchen” Grant from Pacific Development and Conservation Trust of New Zealand to expand school gardens and promote food security and health education in the Republic of the Marshall Islands.


He has partnered with numerous colleges, NGO's, and other organizations in his work including University of Hawaii, University of Guam, PREL, the US State Department, the College of the Marshall Islands, Sugarbeet Food Coop, Oak Park Friends School, and the Deep Roots Project.


Daniel's personal garden and agroforest was chosen to participate in the Sugarbeet Food Coop’s 2016 and 2017 Edible Garden Tour.  Kalikal‎é was awarded a 2016 Oak Park Green Award.”

“Daniel embodies his work in permaculture and education. He is not only committed to sharing what he has learned but he is always learning, too. He is doing much more than running an amazing business - he is creating culture!”            ~Cheryl, Oak Park